Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

Investment Sectors

  • Quality education

    Quality education

    Provision of equal access to quality school and professional education is the key to the country’s effective development and part and parcel of the quality of human life. Creating modern conditions for education, including inclusive, is another constituent of this sector.

  • Sustainable Development of Cities and Communities

    Sustainable Development of Cities and Communities

    Applying and promoting the smart approach to consumption of the planet’s resources and the caring attitude to the environment, cultivating a society that will not harm the environment in order to support the livelihoods of the present and future generations.

  • Responsible Consumption and Production

    Responsible Consumption and Production

    Economic growth leads to an increase in the use of natural resources, which is why promotion of sustainable production and responsible consumption helps to preserve the environment and create conditions for «green» economy development.

  • Available and Clean Energy

    Available and Clean Energy

    World industrial production relies mainly on fossil fuels, which leads to environmental pollution, making renewable energy sources and green production particularly important for energy efficient economies.

  • Clean Water and Proper Sanitary Conditions

    Clean Water and Proper Sanitary Conditions

    Water scarcity is increasingly becoming an alarming signal for important decisions. Improving water management systems, ensuring clean quality water resources in adequate quantities and the necessary sanitary and hygienic conditions are the main tasks of the sector.

  • Good Health and Well-Being

    Good Health and Well-Being

    Healthcare, increasing life expectancy, developing vaccines and medicines, reducing health risks and promoting the well-being of all people, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, are strategic priorities at both national and international levels.

  • Industry and Innovations

    Industry and Innovations

    Ensuring reliable and sustainable industrial development, implementing innovative technologies and important infrastructure projects are a priority for the city authorities and contribute to continuous modernization, sustainable economic growth, competitiveness and economic attractiveness of the city, which is always open to cooperation

  • Climate Change Mitigation

    Climate Change Mitigation

    Climate change is one of the most acute modern challenges leading to rising temperatures, abnormal weather events, changes in wildlife population, etc. It calls for immediate response without delay. By 2030, Kharkiv has committed itself to reducing CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases by 30%. The city has already developed the Sustainable Energy Development and Climate Action Plan and is implementing projects to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Partnership for Sustainable Development

    Partnership for Sustainable Development

    To increase the level of comfort, health and well-being of citizens, Kharkiv City Council is actively cooperating with various international organizations and financial institutions on implementation of major infrastructure, cultural, environmental, social and innovative projects. The main priority is to make the city a safe, inclusive, clean and comfortable place for its residents and guests.

Strategic Documents of City Development

  • Sustainable Energy Development and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)

  • Kharkiv Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP)

  • Master Plan of City Development

  • City Development Strategy 2030

International conference Kharkiv: Development & Investment

The conference is expected:

in the fall of 2022


  • Kharkiv: City of Modern Infrastructure

    Kharkiv: City of Modern Infrastructure

    Today, Kharkiv is following the course of continuous infrastructure modernization. With the financial and consultative support from foreign partners, the city is developing by implementing various projects aimed at, in particular, metro extension and renewal of its public transport rolling stock, reconstruction of road infrastructure and traction substations, energy modernization of public buildings, etc.

    Kharkiv keeps up with the time and makes every effort to be in advance of it to turn into and remain a comfortable, high-tech and European leading center.

  • Kharkiv: Safe City

    Kharkiv: Safe City

    Kharkiv authorities are concerned about the safety and comfort of life of the citizens. Implementing road safety programs help cut down accidents on the city streets. Modernization of the city lighting system ensures the safety of residents during the dark hours, as well as reduces electricity consumption, which contributes to better environmental safety. To achieve this very goal, the plans of Kharkiv City Council for the near future include development of a system for intelligent air quality measurement.

  • Kharkiv: Green City

    Kharkiv: Green City

    Kharkiv is one of the greenest cities in Ukraine. There are about 200 parks and green areas there, which are continuously renewed. For example, M. Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Taras Shevchenko Gardens, Sarzhyn Yar recreational zone and the Zoo are being reconstructed. All over the city, even in its remote corners, old trees are being thinned out, with new ones planted; new alleys are being laid and new flower beds are being placed.

    To improve the environmental situation, Kharkiv is optimizing its own energy resources with the environmentally friendly urban electric transport gradually replacing its motor counterparts.

  • Kharkiv: Smart City

    Kharkiv: Smart City

    Kharkiv is the leader in introduction of smart city governance technologies. Thus, implementation of an intelligent transport system will ensure compliance with the rules and help provide information on public transport services in real time, while an intelligent street lighting system will contribute to providing information support of the city.

    There is a regional service center created in the city that offers its citizens about 400 types of services. The parking system is being modernized, in particular, a multi-floor car parking for 200 cars has been built and an electronic parking system has been introduced.

  • Kharkiv: City of Culture and Sports

    Kharkiv: City of Culture and Sports

    Kharkiv is a major cultural center of Ukraine. The city authorities support initiatives in development of the cultural sphere, promotes involvement of young people in the cultural and sports life of the city. For example, a project of modernization of the Municipal Center for Cultural Initiatives is being developed and implemented to provide the best conditions for holding various cultural events. The stage space is being modernized to encourage creative search and implementation of new creative ideas.

    To promote an active lifestyle, the concepts and the strategy are being developed to create urban parks and centers, which will unite young people who are interested in street sports and urban cultures and bring them together for joint pastime activities.

  • Kharkiv: City of Social Initiatives

    Kharkiv: City of Social Initiatives

    Kharkiv residents are known for their mutual respect and desire to help each other. Particular attention is devoted to helping people who need it most. People who found themselves homeless for whatever reason can stay in the Homeless Reintegration Center for an indefinite time. The city wishes to create equal conditions for all, so it cooperated with its German partners to create a social hotel and is looking for ways to improve the food system in hospitals.

    The city is creating the Resource Center for Drug Abuse Prevention for psychological rehabilitation, drug addiction treatment and support for families of addicted persons.

Partnership and Cooperation

Partnership and Cooperation

A high-quality, progressive partnership comes about from the interest of all the parties in the outcome of the mutual endeavors. However, perhaps one of its greatest achievements is development of a new model of civil society capable of mobilizing its efforts to solve pressing problems.

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