About the City

The city of Kharkiv is a large administrative center, the second largest city and the first capital of Ukraine. Kharkiv is located in the northeast of Ukraine. Its area is 370 km2.

Kharkiv is a multinational city, with representatives of 111 nationalities living here.

The city is constantly evolving and improving. Over the past few years, Kharkiv has embarked on the trajectory of continuous modernization. Roads, buildings, engineering and transport infrastructure are being modernized and refurbished. Targeted investments from the city and state budgets, as well as financial support from international partners enable extensive implementation of public-private partnership principles and growth of the volumes and scope of the projects implemented year after year.

Kharkiv is a significant scientific, cultural, industrial and transport center of Ukraine. It is a city of students and youth initiatives. The city center will endear the beholder with its ancient architecture, cathedrals and parks.

The city is a strong leader among the national exporters of high value-added goods. It is known as a center of industry, science and education, combination of which contributes to its further economic development.

Strategic Location

Kharkiv is the administrative center of the historical and geographical region of Ukraine located in the northeastern part of Ukraine on the border of two landscape zones (forest-steppe and steppe) at the confluence of the Lopan, Udy and Kharkiv rivers.

Kharkiv stretches for 24 km from north to south and for 25 km from east to west, occupying the area of ​​about 306 km2. The city has more than 2,500 avenues, streets, lanes and squares. This is a very comfortable city with beautiful parks, squares, fountains.

Its convenient geographical location has enabled the city for centuries to expand its economic potential and develop a system of transport communications. Today, it is a very large transport hub, with important railways and highways leading to the ports of the Black, the Azov and the Baltic Seas, as well as to many large industrial centers outside Ukraine. The city has a modern international airport.


8 Railway Directions

Largest station – Pivdenna

Modern Airport

Capacity: 650 passengers per hour

Numerous Air-Routes

Connecting with numerous cities in Ukraine, the CIS and Europe

290 Routes

Extensive suburban and intercity bus network

Attractive Conditions for Doing Business

Kharkiv is a leading economic, political, social, scientific and cultural center of Ukraine. The city is dynamically evolving and improving. Roads, buildings, engineering and transport infrastructure are being modernized and refurbished to meet the European standards. Kharkiv City Council fruitfully cooperates with various international financial institutions and partners and implements city development projects to improve the comfort and quality of life of citizens. This is why Kharkiv has repeatedly topped European Cities and Regions of the Future ranking of fDi Magazine (a special division of the Financial Times) in the category “Large European Cities of the Future – Cost Effectiveness”.

In 2020, Kharkiv ranked among the TOP-10 major European Cities of the Future for the effective strategy to attract foreign direct investment. Kharkiv’s international credit rankings repeatedly confirmed by such reputable rating agencies as Moody’s, Fitch and IBI-Rating National Agency with a Stable forecast are at the highest possible level considering that they cannot exceed the sovereign rating of Ukraine. High and good rankings reflect the city’s good economic and financial performance indicators.

In 2019, Kharkiv was recognized as the «Most Comfortable City for Living in Ukraine» at Kyiv Smart City Forum.

In 2019, Kharkiv was recognized as the «Most Comfortable City for Living in Ukraine» at Kyiv Smart City Forum.
  • In 2019, Kharkiv was recognized as the «Most Comfortable City for Living in Ukraine» at Kyiv Smart City Forum.

    Kharkiv has created a unique Regional Center for Administrative Services that relies in its work on the principles of accessibility, transparency and efficiency of all contact between the authorities, citizens and businesses. The center provides services to residents of Kharkiv and Kharkiv oblast who need administrative and pension services, services in social protection, registration, land cadaster, state architectural and construction control and many other areas of life. In particular, business representatives can receive services in registration, licensing, building permits, taxation, declaration and much more.

  • In 2019, Kharkiv was recognized as the «Most Comfortable City for Living in Ukraine» at Kyiv Smart City Forum.

    To inform representatives of business structures, citizens and potential investors about the positive trends and prospects of entrepreneurship development in Kharkiv, the city has launched an electronic service called «Business Navigator» that offers a catalog of consumer market enterprises (trade, restaurants, consumer services, markets and trading sites) with extended information for general use, as well as information about exhibitions and fairs.

Excellent Infrastructure

Kharkiv is actively developing programs to improve public transport, particularly that which will preserve the environment and be convenient and cost-effective for the residents.

The modern international airport and the developed railway network connect Kharkiv both with other cities of Ukraine and with many countries abroad.

Kharkiv is a city with a highly developed infrastructure. Kharkiv is a major transport hub of international importance. Kharkiv has a wide network of public transport, which includes the metro, trolleybuses, trams, buses, and route taxis. To improve the transport infrastructure, the city is constantly renewing the bus, trolleybus and tram fleets, building new metro lines and developing new transport routes.

Kharkiv is implementing the Safe City program that, among other things, provides for traffic optimization, which includes installation of video surveillance cameras at traffic lights to monitor the traffic density and record license plates of vehicles. The city is working on creation of a single video surveillance system. Parking zones are being built, in particular in the very heart of the city, which are equipped with an electronic payment and parking system.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Kharkiv has been repeatedly recognized as the most comfortable city for living in Ukraine thanks to its developed infrastructure, high quality of municipal services, security and convenience of living. Kharkiv has many parks, fountains, playgrounds and recreation areas. In particular, the favorite places of Kharkiv residents are Taras Shevchenko Gardens, Sarzhyn Yar and Shatylivske Dzherelo as a real green oasis, Kharkiv embankment, Maksym Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, the forest park with the children’s railway and many other places.

  • Quality of Life

    Another symbol of the city is the central square of almost 12 hectares in size, which is the largest in Ukraine, the sixth largest in Europe and the fifteenth largest in the world.

    The sleeping areas have everything for comfortable living: large supermarkets, shopping and entertainment areas, cafes, sports complexes.

    Kharkiv is a million city, one of the largest transport centers in Ukraine, and its transport infrastructure is organized in such a way that its center is reachable in 30-40 minutes of travel even from remote corners of the city.

  • Quality of Life

    For the comfort of its citizens, Kharkiv has created and operates a Transparent Office network for service provision. It has a unique in Ukraine Regional Center for Administrative Services, which was opened in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Law Development Organization (IDLO). Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it provides more than 400 types of services (pension, administrative, social, fiscal, registration) in a single space and in cooperation with 84 bodies, and its work relies on the principles of efficiency, openness, accessibility and transparency.

  • Quality of Life

    Kharkiv has long been considered the cultural capital of Ukraine. It has six large theaters. Its M. V. Lysenko Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater is the first Ukrainian stationary opera house whose repertoire includes opera performances in Ukrainian, French and Italian and classical and modern ballet pieces. The city has many museums, concert halls, libraries and art galleries.

  • Quality of Life

    Kharkiv has repeatedly been awarded the title of the «City of 12 Stars» for participating in the pan-European action “European Week of Local Democracy”. This is the first city in Ukraine to have been awarded the full set of Council of Europe awards: Diploma, Honorary Flag, Table of Europe and Europe Prize.

Powerful Educational and Scientific Base

For a good reason, Kharkiv is considered the scientific center of the country. There are world-famous scientific centers, research organizations, as well as the largest regional center of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine operating there.

Powerful Educational and Scientific Base

Kharkiv is a leader in the availability and quality of higher education and is rightly considered the student capital of the country. In total, the city has about 70 institutions of higher education of various types and forms of ownership and levels of accreditation. Every year, at least two universities of the city take honorable places in the QS World University Rankings, a recognized ranking of the best universities in the world. The city is also considered a most attractive one for international students.

Powerful Educational and Scientific Base

For example, every third foreign student in Ukraine is studying at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Graduates from Kharkiv universities are world-famous figures, including P.P. Gulak-Artemovsky, M.I. Kostomarov, M.P. Barabashov, M.M. Beketov, M.V. Ostrogradsky, V.P. Veklych, O.M. Bandurka, O.V. Kirsch and many others.

Kharkiv is a city where three Nobel Prize winners studied and worked, namely: biologist Illya Mechnikov, physicist Leo Landau, economist Simon Kuznets. It is here that the atom was fissioned for the first time and the legendary T-34 tank was designed. It is a scientific and industrial center of Ukraine that can boast having more than 100 research institutes and an astronomical observatory, which conducts basic and applied research in astrophysics.

Powerful Educational and Scientific Base

The city’s strategic plans for the coming years include construction of a new-generation business park Ecopolis HTZ, which will house an industrial park, a technopark, an educational center, a reconstructed production facility, a medical center and a shopping and entertainment center situated on the total of 150 hectares of land.

Kharkiv is a famous for its IT industry flourishing here. As of 2019, there were about 480 service and product companies operating here.

Human Resources>


  • Human Resources>

    Kharkiv is one of the largest cities in Ukraine in terms of population, and a large scientific and industrial center. Quality education provided in its institutions of higher educational is a key to training of highly qualified personnel. The human resources of Kharkiv are majorly economically active people engaged in the labor activity as hired labor, entrepreneurs, persons engaged in individual labor activity.

  • Human Resources>

    In recent years, Kharkiv has had the highest level of employment in Ukraine, with its HR potential effectively used. The most popular professions in the labor market in 2019 were testers, QA, designers, accountants, and the greatest competition for the job was observed among top managers and IT specialists.

    Kharkiv City Employment Center operates in the city serving as a mediator in the labor market and providing free assistance to citizens in resolving their job-searching endeavors, state social insurance in case of unemployment and payment of material support in case of temporary job loss.