Solid Waste Treatment Complex


Solid Waste Treatment Complex

  • Projrct iniciator:

    Kharkiv City Council, Municipal Enterprise “Municipal Waste Management Company”.

  • Finance model:

    Co-financed by World Bank, city budget.


The project provides for:

  • construction of a modern solid waste landfill;
  • installation of a system for collection, landfill gas utilization and electricity generation in compliance with the Ukrainian and European environmental legislation;
  • installation of a landfill gas collection system;
  • installation of a landfill gas utilization system for electricity and heat production.

Expected Results:

  • annual electricity generation from 13.5 mln kWh (year 1 of operation) to 42.0 mln kWh (year 10 of operation) ensured by use of renewable sources;
  • separate solid waste collection;
  • at least 40,000 tons of secondary raw materials per year;
  • reduced use of natural materials ensured by recycling of secondary raw materials;
  • reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 51,000 tons of CO2e per year (year 1 of operation) to 157,000 tons of CO2e per year (year 10 of operation);
  • extended operation of the solid waste landfill ensured by reduction in waste landfilling volumes;
  • cultivation of environmental culture of the population, conscientious attitude to resource saving and separate waste collection.

Current Status:

All the necessary tender procedures completed under IBRD rules.

Construction of the first launching complex completed.

Works on complex facilities construction and relevant equipment delivery underway.

The planned date of commissioning of the construction facility is 2021.