Hospital Nutrition System Modernization

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Hospital Nutrition System Modernization

  • Projrct iniciator:

    Kharkiv City Council, Municipal Enterprise “Sigma”.

  • Finance model:

    Various co-financing models available. Open for strategic partnerships.


The project consists of provision of the food unit at the Municipal Enterprise “Sigma” with new energyefficient equipment meeting all the standards in order to improve the nutrition services for patients
and the quality of products made.

The food unit daily provides hot meals for six medical institutions in Moskovskyi district of Kharkiv servicing 1,200 people.
In future, such food units are planned to cover all the medical institutions of the city.

Expected Results:

  • improved nutrition services for patients in medical institutions;
  • an extended range and better quality of products ensured by the use of new cooking technologies;
  • reduced expenses on utility bills and timely settlements with suppliers;
  • additional funds available for further development of the enterprise;
  • higher wages for employees.

Current Status:

Business plan developed, all technological processes calculated.