Water-Pumping Stations Modernization


Water-Pumping Stations Modernization

  • Projrct iniciator:

    Kharkiv City Council, Municipal Enterprise “Kharkivvodokanal”.

  • Finance model:

    Various co-financing models available. Open for strategic partnerships for the project implementation.


Water treatment complexes “Dnipro” and “Donets” and 21 municipal water-pumping stations are to be modernized.
Modernization provides for:

  • reconstruction and replacement of the main technological and electrical equipment;
  • installation of water disinfection equipment;
  • replacement of the pumping equipment, cable lines, switchgears;
  • transfer from chlorine use to sodium hypochlorite use;
  • installation of converters of rotation speed in electric motors.

Expected Results:

  • annual electricity saving of up to 74.2 mln kW, which will influence the prime cost of production and reduce the overall operating expenses;
  • enhanced safety at water disinfection;
  • better reliability, reduced emergency repair expenses.

Current Status:

Ongoing partner search.

Negotiations are underway with IFIs as to support of this project.