Increasing Energy Efficiency of Centralized Heating Supply System


Increasing Energy Efficiency of Centralized Heating Supply System

  • Projrct iniciator:

    Kharkiv City Council, Municipal Enterprise “Kharkivski Teplovi Merezhi”

  • Finance model:

    Co-financed by the World Bank.

Expected Results:

  • implementation of new generating capacities;
  • reduced pollutant emissions into the air;
  • reduced heat losses;
  • improved quality of heat supply services;
  • optimized enterprise structure;
    better environmental condition of the city;
  • higher energy efficiency and reliability of the (de)centralized heat supply system through reconstruction of production capacities.

Prospective projects:

  • liquidation of 17 boiler houses aimed to cut down consumption of energy resources and natural gas and to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2 , NOx ), which will contribute to real improvement of the environmental situation and to conservation of natural resources;
  • reconstruction of the highpressure steam boiler at TPP-3 aimed to reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere (CO2 , NOx ) during generation of heat and electric energy.

The project provides for:

  • construction of 2 cogeneration stations;
  • liquidation of 12 boiler houses;
  • reconstruction of the centralized heating supply system (disaggregation by installation of individual heat supply units in residential buildings);
  • replacement of heat distribution networks;
  • reconstruction of 58 boiler houses and 2 thermal power plants (TPPs) with replacement of 5 high-capacity boilers (at district boiler houses), 8 high-capacity boilers and 3 power-plant boilers (at TPP);
  • installation of a turbogenerator (24 MW) at TPP-3;
  • restoration of electric power generation at TPP-4 (from 24 to 244 MW depending on the feasibility study results);
  • replacement of about 100 km of main heat networks;
  • installation of 250 individual heating supply units, 1000 heat meters and pumps at heating units of residential buildings;
  • implementation of frequency converters with replacement of pumping units at 8 objects of the centralized heat supply system;
  • implementation of automation, dispatching and commercial electricity metering systems.

Current Status:

The project works are being carried out under the contract with the winners of the international tender.