Electric Transport Rolling Stock Renewal (Trolleybuses)

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Electric Transport Rolling Stock Renewal (Trolleybuses)

  • Projrct iniciator:

    Kharkiv City Council, Municipal Enterprises “Trolleybus Depot No.3” and “Trolleybus Depot No.2”.

  • Finance model:

    Co-financed by EIB, EBRD, city budget. Open for various co-financing partnerships.


The project consists of:

  • provision of efficient passenger services by overland electric transport in Kharkiv;
  • purchase of low-floor trolleybuses, spare parts, tools, expendable materials, equipment for trolleybus maintenance and repairs;
  • purchase of autonomous running trolleybuses.

Expected Results:

  • provision of high quality trolleybus transportation services to the population taking into account the needs of passengers with disabilities;
  • better comfort and safety of passenger services;
  • extended transportation capabilities for passengers with disabilities;
  • reduced operating costs;
  • fewer traffic congestions;
  • re-orientation of passenger traffic from the motor to environmentally friendly electric transport;
  • improved environmental condition of the city.

Current Status:

57 new trolleybuses received within the framework of cooperation with EBRD.

49 trolleybuses to be received within the framework of cooperation with EIB by the end of 2021.

50 autonomous running trolleybuses purchased within the framework of cooperation with national banks.
New routes opened in the city.

The city is looking for partners to continue rolling stock renewal of city public transport, namely: purchase of electrobuses.