Improvement of Sewage Treatment Plants


Improvement of Sewage Treatment Plants

  • Projrct iniciator:

    Kharkiv City Council, Municipal Enterprise “Kharkivvodokanal”

  • Finance model:

    Financed by the World Bank.


  • Reconstruction of sewage treatment plants of the city (No.1 and No.2) will cover:
    mechanical treatment buildings:
    - reconstruction of screening chambers with replacement of garbage catching screens;
    - construction of new grit catchers;
    - reconstruction of primary radial-flow settlement tanks;
  • biological treatment buildings:
    - reconstruction of aerotanks using nitri-denitrification technology;
    - reconstruction of air-blower stations;
    - reconstruction of secondary settlement tanks;
  • sewage sludge treatment buildings:
    - reconstruction of the mechanical sludge dewatering facility with installation of new dewatering equipment;
    - construction of methane tanks for biogas generation with subsequent thermal and electric energy generation for own needs;
    - reconstruction of sludge beds on an artificial basis;
    - construction of pumping sludge consolidation tanks;
    - construction of two sludge lines (L = 9 km) from City Sewage Treatment Plant No.1 to City Sewage Treatment Plant No.2;
  • complete replacement of the existing pumping equipment with the new, energy-efficient and

Expected Results:

  • higher reliability of sewage treatment plants operation;
  •  financial viability and profitability from the technology of sewage sludge treatment and disposal;
  • improved environmental situation of the Siverskyi Donets river basin (the source of water supply to Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions);
  • saved energy resources

Current Status:

  • Contractors determined under international tenders and contracts signed with: Safege SAS Company (Project Consultant), Consortium TAHAL – KHILARI (Israel – India) (Design, Supply and Installation);
  • Expert Report approved.
  • Equipment delivery and execution of all works under the contract to be completed in 2022-2023.