16 november 2021

Boeing maintenance hangars to be built at Kharkiv Airport

Kharkiv City Council and Avia Solutions Group sign a Memorandum on Cooperation at the Kharkiv: Development and Investment International Conference taking place at Kharkiv Palace Hotel today, on October 6.

The parties have agreed to build hangars for maintenance of aircraft, particularly, Boeings from Eastern Europe, at Kharkiv International Airport.

As the Acting Mayor Igor Terekhov noted, this is foreign direct investment in the city’s economy, which proves that investors trust the city authorities.

“We have agreed to build eight aircraft maintenance boxes. Kharkiv has a great HR potential in the aerospace field. The investor took this into account and came to us. It is planned to create about one thousand jobs, the average salary being 30,000 UAH. We have already started the paperwork procedure for the company to start building its facilities. This is a good example that investors trust us, and I hope that we will implement this project quickly,” stressed Igor Terekhov.

In his turn, Žilvinas Abaravičius, Avia Solutions Group Head of Investment Projects, said that it was not by chance that Kharkiv was chosen as a site for production deployment.

“We see how Kharkiv is developing, and we understand how many universities, enterprises and specialists there are in the city. I am sure that our project will be successful here. We feel the support of the city authorities and will be happy to continue working together, commented Žilvinas Abaravičius.