16 november 2021

Igor Terekhov: “Heating Networks” to become a high-tech enterprise

Acting Mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov discusses prospects for development of Municipal enterprise “Kharkiv Heating Networks” with World Bank representatives.

At the meeting, Igor Terekhov thanked the representatives of the World Bank for cooperation. He noted that the heat supply system in Kharkiv will continue to be modernized to provide quality services. Special attention is paid to energy efficiency as tariffs for Kharkiv residents will not change this heating season.

"We would like to take the Heating Networks seriously. Our task is to turn the enterprise that has been in stagnation for a long time into a modern company that will provide sustainable services. I want the enterprise to become technologically advanced and to generate electricity to ensure that Kharkiv residents could have no problems with heating,” said the Acting Mayor.

In his turn, Sandu Ghidirim, Senior Operations Officer at the World Bank, said that the bank's representatives are satisfied with the heating networks modernization project implementation in Kharkiv. According to him, today, they are to visit the reconstructed boiler houses, pumping stations and new individual heating points.

“From the reports we have received, we can see a real progress. Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine with one of the largest heating power systems. We hope that one of the components of the project, automated control system “Skadi”, which is being implemented here, will be an example for other cities,”said Mr. Ghidirim.

Moreover, he invited the city authorities to join the new World Bank’s project “Municipal Energy Efficiency”. Its investments will be aimed at promoting renewable energy sources and replacing traditional fuels.